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Our core business is to design, manufacture and install large (>1 m³) vacuum chambers both at HV and UHV regimes. In addition, we are a potential partner for the design, installation and maintenance of a complete vacuum system according to your needs.



New rotating magnetron on the Market. Let us introduce our Partners brand new rotating magnetron set. The MS2 63C1 Magnetron Source is used to apply thin layers with high homogeneity in the sputtering process.



We are proud to announce that SoliVac Engineering Ltd. is going to move into a larger production site, hopefully in the first half of 2021.



SoliVac Ltd. established in 2011 by thin film technology and manufacturing process experts. Our company is capable of offering a design, manufacture and installation of vacuum chambers and vacuum system for institutional laboratories and industry players thanks for the centuries-long experimental knowledge and technological know-how of our experts. We work both UHV and HV regimes. SoliVac has designed and manufactured more than 50 vacuum chambers in the last 3 years.

Our core business is to offer large size vacuum chambers. We have the capacity to produce chambers in the size range of +5 m3, but we can also provide smaller chambers for different applications according to the customer’s need.

We also provide full solution for vacuum system, which contains all the design and installation works. We are happy to provide both warranty and after-warranty services.

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We are proud to announce that SoliVac Engineering Ltd. is going to move into a larger production site, hopefully in the first half of 2021.

Mr. Attila Horvath, the general manager of SoliVac Engineering Ltd. has signed the contract about newly constructed production site on 1st of February 2021.

The real-estate developer promised to finish the work until the mid of 2021. On the new site a significant part of the electricity consumption shall be backed by Photovoltaic modules. Please stay tuned for more details.

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Products & Services

SoliVac makes reliable design because it has an experimental-based design approach. It means that we offer the best practice solution for each of the customer ‘s requirement. The design is always backed by model of final element method for estimate the deformation ranges if necessary.

Regarding the manufacturing capacity we have access to vast variety of machining equipment up to largest sizes. Our welders are well trained and skilled to vacuum tight welding. We pay special attention to the pre- and after-welding cleaning, like degreasing, bead-blasting or electro-polishing.

Our technicians also know how to keep the vacuum part tidy. We use the industrial standard protective clothing and cleaning methods. We work in clean environment up to ISO 7 if necessary.

To prove the high quality of our works we provide final tests, like He based leakage test and RGA for prove the cleanness.

After the factory acceptance we deliver our products to the site and install them. We have liability insurance to our work and we are ready to provide enhanced warranty period for our equipment. We provide warranty and after-warranty maintenance. We are also open to provide maintenance of existing system.

We are ready to design and install vacuum systems according to our customers’ need. At such a job we use EDWARDS vacuum pumps and parts.


PREVAC is one of the world leading manufacturer of deposition and analysis systems based on vacuum technology dedicated for investigation of chemical and physical properties of solid-state surface, thin film and nanomaterials. We Introduce our partner’s brand-new sputtering set.

The source is compatible with UHV conditions. Thanks to the integrated in situ tilt system, it can be used in both standard and custom geometry chambers. By using the dome type design, we minimize the space needed to open the shutter. MS2 63C1 is fully compatible with our M600DC-PS power supply as well as all other DC, RF and pulsed DC power supplies available on the market.


  • Mounting flange: DN 63 CF
  • In situ tilt range: +45° ÷ -10°
  • Chimney as standard
  • Pneumatic dome type shutter


  • Diameter: 2"
  • Thickness | non-magnetic: 1-6 mm
  • Thickness | magnetic: Fe 1 mm, Co 2-3 mm, Ni 2 mm
  • Indirectly cooled


  • Mass Flow Controller (MKS MF1)
  • Z manipulator

More information: office@solivac.hu

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Both yours and our colleagues’ health are important to us, so until the COVID-19 situation will not improve we kindly ask you to get in touch by phone or e-mail with us.

E-mail: office@solivac.hu
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